Thursday, February 14, 2008

Nori expert...

I forgot something this morning! A good friend of ours and member of our taiko group, Mikio, is a sushi chef, some would say the best sushi chef in Montreal. Knowing him personally, we know that every morsel of food prepared by him is of the freshest and highest quality, not to mention exquisite to look at.

Mikio is quite the understated star too - he's great on tv and in movies. I was even an extra with him in the movie, "The Day After Tomorrow" with Dennis Quaid (who was very nice, by the way, and likes carrot cake), and actually Mikio was upgraded to a speaking part. Anyway, he was on tv last night, on a show called L'Epicerie, (in French) which is all about food and restaurants here in Québec. Click here to see the segment he's in, all about nori or seaweed.

J'avais oublié d'inclure un lien dans mon "entry" de ce matin! Notre ami Mikio avec qui on joue le taiko, est un chef de sushi, un des meilleurs, sinon LE meilleur à Montréal.

Comme expert au sujet du sushi, il est évidemment expert en nori, ou les algues. Le voici sur les ondes de Radio Canada hier soir, sur l'emission L'Epicerie. Cliquez ici pour le voir!


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