Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Time to get out of my rut...

This has been a tough few months, trying to decide what to do with my ridiculous life. I won't bore you with the whiney details, but I'm having a rather hard time naming what it is I want and don't want. And a hard time being productive. Oy.

I've finally started working on new jewellery designs that I've been thinking about since January, but I can't seem to focus on a direction. Not necessarily a bad thing, except that I feel scattered and overwhelmed with a bunch of partially started projects covering my work tables. I've also spent the last couple weeks looking for part-time work and working on variations of my CV and cover letter, but even those efforts feel a little bit half-ass, kinda like everything else. Tired of hearing me complain yet?

In an attempt to make my workspace more inviting and rewarding, I added some colour which I'm very happy with. I can now just stare at my wall all day (only partially kidding).

A corner of little doodads that make me smile, like cats and owls and little stone men. The frame holds a picture of my parents and a small card that my mom made for me.

The quilted kimono hanging on my closet door is by my talented sister, Nancy. The embroidered Daruma (yes, it's all done by needlework, no paint!) once hung in my Auntie Mitsuko's spare bedroom which is why I never wanted to go in there alone when the lights were off. He doesn't scare me anymore.

I just heard that I'll be doing the Ladyfest show in Ottawa in May, which perked me up yesterday. Ok, I'll try to keep the figurative scab-picking to a minimum; I have to try and just keep my head up, and trust that if I keep moving forward, things will happen. Good things.