Monday, February 4, 2008

Down for the day

I felt really lousy today. Not sure what it was, but I had a terrible headache this morning, and I rarely get headaches. JF told me to go back to bed and sleep a little more since I looked pretty icky, but I kept insisting I would be fine. Of course, I ended up on the sofa after breakfast until early afternoon and didn't budge.

Well, actually I budged a little when Ebi the cat came to sleep with me - the first time ever! He came to live with us on October 21st and it's taken awhile for him to get used to living here, especially since we already have Chibi, who you can see in this photo at my feet.

It's been rough on both of them, but they are slowly adjusting - probably because they have come to grips with the fact they have no choice... We're happy having Ebi here since he was my mom's cat (she passed away in the summer of 2006) and strangely enough, it's a bit like having a part of her with us ☺

Anyway, I was so thrilled with Ebi coming to sleep with me that I flailed my arm around to get JF to take a photo - who knows when this will happen again. I think Ebi just wanted my spot on the sofa.

It's really to your advantage that you cannot see my face today - it's the same colour as my t-shirt.

I feel much better now, and hopefully with a good night's sleep, I'll be good as new tomorrow. Lots to do!


Dharma Designs said...

I've been a little down, too. Here's hoping we both get well soon! HUGS!

oliverlane said...

Oh, isn't cuddling with the kitties the best? Hope you're feeling better :)

tatsuko said...

Thanks so much, I feel much better today ☺ And yes, cats are the BEST comfort!