Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Summer solstice already?

Summer is here, and I didn't even see it coming. Time seems to shimmy past me without me even noticing until it's too late - a day goes by, then a week, and lo and behold, we are already beyond the summer solstice.

This past week-end was lovely; Arashi Daiko performed a full show on Saturday night in Notre Dame du Laus, a small town in the Upper Laurentians. It was for the Fête St-Jean, a celebration of Québec's patron saint and of its national (or provincial, depending on your political colours, but that's a whole other story) pride. Here we are setting up the stage earlier in the day.

We were spoiled. Such warm and welcoming people, so enthusiastic and expressive in their appreciation; it was very touching for all of our members. Many people tell us they are amazed at our energy and endurance, but it is truly an exchange that happens with the public. We give our all in every piece we play, and the audience responds and in turn shares their energy with us. Give and take.

And what a beautiful place we stayed in! I was up and in the lake at 6:30am on Saturday morning. It was around 12 degrees celcius outside, so on the chilly side, the water was cool and refreshing. I always say I'm a city girl, but being in a place that clean and wonderful makes me reconsider. Well, sort of! This photo is at around 7am, you can just barely see my head poking out of the water on the far left; my "lifeguard", Hisako, is sitting on the dock, although she said she wasn't jumping into that cold water to save me :)

Friday June 22nd was a year since my mom passed away. I had a tough and weepy week, but the past week-end was good for me. I was thinking about her alot before our show, but it helped me get through the long performance. Spring was not easy, since that was when she had her stroke last year. Just the weather getting warmer, the smell of the Spring air, and the sunlight shining a certain way at a certain time of the day brought back all the memories of that time last year. Gotta keep taking steps forward, right?

I have to get back to work on production for two big events I'll be selling at in August. And I have a custom order to do this week, and another big order for next week.

News: Some of my polymer clay jewellery has been selected for a craft book which I think will be coming out next year some time! So exciting! I have to send in my items to be photographed for that as well.

Am also planning another super sale in my Etsy shop for the end of next week. These are some of the things you can purchase.

Wise man earrings...

Makizushi cell phone/camera charm (not yet listed)

Ume (plum) blossom pendant.

Lots more coming too!

Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Making ideas reality

Yeah, making ideas reality. Just do it. Easier said than done. I have all these ideas for new designs for pendants, sushi stuff, taiko stuff. Now I just have to make them instead of thinking of them all the time. I think I may sabotage myself by overthinking things. I'll stop thinking about that now.

Played taiko last night for a Kyoto Protocol Awareness event in downtown Montreal. Good crowd, which always makes it fun. We've got lots of performances coming up! Our group, Arashi Daiko, is also giving a workshop this week-end, a fundraiser for the upcoming North American Taiko Conference. Hey, there's something I didn't overthink (no time to!) and it's now a reality!

I made some pendants last week; these girls in their yukata turned out fine and I'm pleased.

I just listed these earrings in my Etsy shop, which remind me of caterpillars, but I had to wipe that out of my mind because I have a serious caterpillar phobia, which I am not ready to deal with yet! So they are called a very un-caterpillary, "Pomegranate Stacks." They do look juicy, don't they? (you can click on the images to the right to see what else is currently for sale)

I'll be having another sale in my Etsy shop in a couple of weeks, or sooner. Have to get cracking on making more ideas reality :) Would you believe me if I said I would write again soon, like in less than a week?