Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Back to life as we know it...

I'm back again. No schpiel, no promises from me, because you KNOW how that will go! I will, however, vow to do my best at being a good blogger, which is all anyone can do, right?

This is our post "working-full-time-on-our-taiko-group's-25th-anniversary-concert-we're-so-relieved-it-went-well" look (click for full impact of crazed expressions):

We all let loose on the week-end after the three concerts, and were treated by Arashi Daiko to a two-night stay in Québec's Eastern Townships, around 2 hours from Montreal. Clean country air, fresh snow, and the most amazing buffet you could imagine - we could not have asked for anything more! Ask any taiko player what their group's favourite activity is after playing taiko, and they will all say "EATING!" (duh!). Wonderful salads and great vegetarian selections, and fabulous desserts!
I generally don't eat meat, but on the first morning I ate not one, but two sausages (the other has already been downed in this pic). The second morning I ate two pieces of bacon. I was charged with a misdemeanor by the local vegetarian police.

It's been a couple weeks since the concerts, and now it's back to life as we know it, back to reality and working on new designs and making a living. I've got a craft show on May 9th in Ottawa that I'm looking forward to. More soon!

Friday, March 6, 2009

Countdown to the big show (we're talking taiko again)!

I cannot believe that the dates for our 25th anniversary concert are already right around the corner... Yes, it's another post that has nothing to do with my official work as jewellery and card maker, but about the activity that pretty much takes up the other half of my life, taiko (Japanese drumming).

We were on the news broadcast of one of our local English stations. If you'd like to have a peek (you'll see me a'yakkin'!), please go here:
http://montreal.ctv.ca/ and you’ll see a list of segments under the “CTV video player.” Click on “My Montreal : Taiko drumming group turns 25”. Reporter Debra Arbec is wonderful - thanks so much Debra!!!

(photo by Hunt Hoe, 2002)

My life, like the lives of all of Arashi Daiko's members, has been totally consumed by this show. Our waking hours have been spent on all the aspects of making this the best possible celebration of our group: publicity, from soliciting reporters to submitting articles and press releases to doing interviews on tv and radio (or trying to!), gathering and working with a great technical team of lighting designer, sound engineer, and film crew; a beautiful printed programme with photos; a photo display showing our group's history; we're also having costumes designed and custom made for us, for the first time. Publicity, by far, is the biggest chunk of work, where everyone has been pushing (reeeeally pushing) to fill our concert hall - not an easy task!

Anyway, gotta get some stuff done before heading out for some errands, and then practice tonight. We're heading into our final 14 hours of group rehearsal this weekend - yikes. Jean-François was just saying the other day that we have to remember how lucky we are to have the opportunity to play these drums, that we have to enjoy ourselves. I'm adding that no matter where we are at the end of this week-end's rehearsals, then we have to be proud of that and present ourselves in the best possible way next weekend. Hmmm, easier said than done.

I humbly ask that if you've read this, please send us any positivity, energy, prayers that you can spare. Much appreciated! And there's still tickets available - it's going to be a great show!

(click on the flyer for details!)