Wednesday, February 27, 2008

A fresh batch and new tools...

It's still snowing here in Montreal. It snowed all day yesterday, just lightly, but aaaaaall day. We were supposed to get 15cm, but I'm sure we got a little more than that since it's still falling.

Half of yesterday was spent making some chiyo pendants and earrings and I'll be doing that again today. Here's the fresh lot that went in to cure last night.

They need a final inspection and then their coats of varnish. I know there are a lot of people making chiyo pendants now on Etsy and out there in general, but I'm very happy with my design and their finished, framed look. Each is individually handcut from polymer clay and I also make the pendant bails myself. I've got some in my shop for sale right now :)

I received some new tools in the mail yesterday. I have been using pliers in the $5 to $8 range and I could not quite believe that tools that were 6 times the price were going to make any difference. How much better can they be?

The short answer: A LOT. A lot better. Thanks to a pretty good month, I splurged and bought these Lindstrom flush cutters and chain nose pliers, and also tried the OHM bent nose pliers.

Over the very busy holiday season I developed terribly crampy, tight hands and forearms and I know it was partly because I had to squeeze so hard on my hard-handled, badly-made tools. I put together some jewellery pieces yesterday and these felt great. I will let you know how I feel with my new tools as time goes on, but I already feel like I made a really good investment.

Have Lindstrom or OHM tools been good for you in your experience? Or any other kinds of tools? I'd love to hear about them ☺

Off to make more pendants... gotta feed the cats first!


kimono hime said...

I LOVE a good set of pliers. They are like an extension of myself, not just my hands, but my awareness.

It looks like you got yourself a really good set! Have fun creating beautiful things with them.

tatsuko said...

I will! I know my hands and forearms will thank me :)