Friday, February 29, 2008

Photos and a LEAP DAY SALE!

I was up early every day this week and my sister has to come over on my sleep in 'til 8:30 day to pick up a package my aunt dropped off for her and her daughters last week. Sigh. Oh well, coffee will be ready soon and I've got lots to do, so it's no biggie :) And what did I say when I gave her the bag from my aunt? "Don't forget to call Auntie Jeanne this week-end, and thank her." I sound like my mother. Audible sigh.Where's my coffee?

Much of yesterday was spent photographing and then editting photos of new pieces to list. I have a spot in one of the showcases on Etsy, which I haven't done in awhile and I wanted to see if any sales are generated by this advertising.

So I'm having a BOGO 50% off sale in my shop today, until midnight (in Samoa of course, that's 6am tomorrow for ESTers)!!!

I'm pretty happy with my photos from yesterday in general. I'm always amazed at how different lighting totally changes the colour of a backdrop while the actual piece being photographed remains essentially the same. I guess it has to do with how much light is reflected by the colour backdrop being used, or something (can you tell I have no idea what I'm talking about?)... These first two pics are the same piece on the same background, one in regular bright daylight, the other in direct sunlight.

I love those little goldfish! Gotta make myself a pair.

My new pendant design will have to wait since I have to figure out a way to attach a bail onto them. Long story...

Meow: I had to get in a couple of photos of Ebi. Poor Chibi has been all but ignored lately, camera-wise anyway, as I've been snapping pics of Ebi whenever he does something remotely cute.

Although I don't think he's as brilliant as my mom proclaimed him to be, he is funny. He drags his favourite toy around when he wants attention - this long wire with little rolled up paper danglies on one end - doesn't sound too appealing, certainly doesn't look great, but he loves it. You can tell he's coming with that thing in his mouth because the wire drags on the ground. I thought he hated me when he first came to live here in October, but we've warmed up to each other - he's more relaxed and has found his place, and I'm not trying so hard. Having two cats is good.

I'll be going now, will be working on a couple of custom orders today ☺ Have a good day everyone!


Caroline said...

What sweet kitties! I agree that two cats is a nice, even number. We have three, and sometimes I wonder if we upset the balance!

Joanna said...

I love that background you used in your photos! And also that teacup. Oh yeah, and the jewelry. :)

Feel free to do Friday Cat Blogging-- I certainly didn't invent it-- apparently it's an institution on the political blogs my husband reads, and he suggested it to me-- the more, the merrier! I generally find that it guarantees me one day of fun content a week.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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rtisan said...

Kombawa! Gorgeous pendants!! Really lovely

esque said...

Cute cats! Two is indeed a nice number, but somehow we too ended up with three cats!


tatsuko said...

caroline - I'd love to have more, but the first one is just starting to adjust the second one!

joanna - the background is Japanese paper; I love it too :) and thanks for introducing me to Friday Cat Blogging!