Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Did you know I'm also a proud auntie?

Yesterday was one of my nieces, Sarah's, 15th birthday. We had this dessert for the occasion, a Paris Brest, the epitome of decadence - a perfectly golden pastry ring, filled (jam-packed) with cream and berries. Sigh. Yum. The little green spots on the strawberry and the whipped cream is actually melted wax from the candles, not mold, in case that's what you were thinking.

Both Sarah and her sister, Amy, soon to be 13, are rhythmic gymnasts, which means they are ridiculously flexible and can make throwing what resembles a bowling pin look graceful (I'm serious). They'll be going to Edmonton, Alberta in a few weeks for the nationals, but before that, Sarah will be going to Moscow for an international competition, since she's ranked 4th in Canada at the Junior level. She has already been to Belgium and Portugal - how lucky is that!

Last night she shared the Russian she's learned from the other gymnasts at their club: toilet, throw, bumpy road, goat, catch, eat, green. Handy if she needs to throw a green goat in the toilet, and then catch something to eat on a bumpy road.

Here she is competing in Belgium last year.

Here are Sarah and Amy holding one of their wild bedazzled costumes. They look pretty garish up close, but from far away all you see is a faint glimmer of sequins and crystals. Parents and coaches apply each sequin and crystal by hand and some of these suits have 3000 Swarowski crystals on them, making them worth around $400 a piece (don't even bother counting the hours it took to apply all the shinies!). And yes, they have different suits for each routine.

Sarah is smart and cheeky. Loves pasta as much as her Auntie Sandra and Uncle JF do! She is maturing into a wonderful young adult, and we like to embarrass her whenever we can. She just rolls her eyes ☺

Amy is the vaudevillian of the family. Ever since she was a wee thing, she's had a schtick! Cracks us up. She is also one of the most thoughtful soon-to-be teens I know. She has always been quite the grilled cheese afficianado, but has recently discovered the joys of a good chicken fajita.

These are just two of my eleven nieces and nephews. Maybe I'll write about the others and embarrass them all...


M.KATE said...

how nice, enjoyed reading this entry :)

rachel said...

that dessert looks sooo yummy!

tatsuko said...

Thanks, m.kate! Not often I write in detail about my family :)

rachel, that dessert was crazy yummy - had a bit of a stomach ache since I had to eat a second piece!