Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Etsy favourite and a fat cat

Another ETSY favourite : Cavendishsoapworks lipbalm

I told you last week about my favourite soap on Etsy. Well, THIS is definitely my favourite lipbalm. In my experience, a good lipbalm has been difficult to find - some are too waxy which ends up drying out my lips (strange, but true), some have just been too soft and globby, and some have been too thin which just makes me feel greasy. I'm a bit of a lipbalm nut, so I've tried many! This is the first time I'm going back to the same shop for more ☺

This lipbalm, created by Kathleen in Prince Edward Island (fellow Canuck!), is firm and smooth, not waxy or thick, and the formula doesn't wear off. The flavours are subtle and lovely, and the tubes look great too. She also makes great soap and candles; go on, have another look in her Etsy shop and try some - you will not be sorry!

Much better today, looking forward to a good work day.

More custom orders! I have an order of mini taiko drums to make that will then be made into cell phone charms, so that will keep me busy through the end of the week and likely into the week-end.

Will also work on a taiko brooch/pin, since I've had a request from a couple of students in our taiko class. This is something I've been meaning to design for some time but never got around to.

Also am working with an expectant mom, a return customer (yay for return customers!), to make birth announcements for her second child.

Look! I made a pendant with my avatar, the Pudgy Waiting Cat, inspired by the late great Jerzy who died at the age of 19 in 2006. The original stamp is larger than this, so I scanned the image, made it pendant size and did the whole image transfer thing.

♪♫ Ta-daaa ♪♫ I think I'll put that up in my shop. Still working on other pendant designs that are taking a little longer...

I guess this means I've really got to get to work now.


Cicada Studio said...

I'm going to check out your lip balm suggestion! Your review was spot on to what I look for in lip goo myself.

High Desert Diva said...

Your cat av looks similar to our cat's behind...we tend to think she looks like a racoon from the rear...

tatsuko said...

cicada, I've ended up going back to blistex many times, but I've now found the lipbalm I am sticking with (tried Double mint and Green tea so far, this time ordered mint and pink lemonade) ☺

diva, Jerzy was as chunky as a raccoon, but with a scrawny tail!

Anonymous said...

Tatsuko! Great name, great blog.
Love that you are a "cat woman" without the little cat suit, I hope...Have the 'kits' myself. I think they keep us arty types on the straight and narrow, threatening to walk in our piles of stuff unless we pay attention, withholding their affection if we don't allow the cat hair to become part of the "art"---what would we do without them?
Karen Otto A`Musements

tatsuko said...

Karen, my Chibi is trying to "catch" the cursor as I write this! They both stomp all over my stuff when they want to be fed - not subtle at all. But I agree, what in the world would we do without them?