Monday, July 30, 2007

Sad blog, bad blogger....

So my sister across the country emails me this morning and calls me negligent for ignoring my blog for over a month. Baaad blogger... I concur, this is pretty pathetic, especially since I had such high hopes for myself. Sistah, this is for you!

I am on autopilot right now since I am in serious production mode for two events I'll be selling at in the next couple weeks. As usual, I am thrashing around the appartment in a last-minute frenzy of clay and paper, shaking my finger at my poor husband for not going fast enough; he is my most excellent craft assistant and he has been at my beck and call in these last days before I leave for Vancouver. I cannot believe that I actually asked him earlier, "Do you think watching that show while you work could possibly be slowing you down?" I'd better be careful or he's going to join the craft assistant husband's union.

I am also required to wear a helmet these days since the slow leak in my brain acts up at stressful times like this. Gotta keep that grey matter where it's supposed to be. I have lists all over the place since I'm so forgetful under pressure. You'd think I would have learned by now, but I guess I'm a true last-minute gal. Was always like this throughout school, and have kep that nasty habit in my work. Just got off the phone with my brother, and he said "I guess it's working for you since you keep doing it." Hmmm, he could be onto something.

I really do have to get back to work now. My coffee is ready, and I've got some clay drums waiting to be checked and popped into the oven. Who knows when my next entry will be; I for one, will not say!