Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Hoarded ideas..

Some ideas you keep in your head - kinda like hoarding them. And I am a professional hoarder, the queen of saving things in case I need them, the reigning champion of even not using things because then there'll be none left... Logical, no, but it's a way of being. I will admit that many in my family have this hoarding gene - definitely a dominant gene.

All that blabla to say that I've been hanging onto this idea for awhile and never took the step to actually make them a reality. Actually, I've been making these same cards in a mini version, as little gift tags, but as full-size greeting cards - this is the debut! The original origami design is by Didier Boursin, and I've added my own little flair to it ☺

Going to add these to my shop right away!

Ding Dong! ... FedEx just came a-knocking ten minutes ago with my latest order of supplies, so I had to stop writing and open my parcel. I received my Lindstrom cutters and pliers and I'm sooo looking forward to trying them out! I was going to make clay pendants this afternoon, but I might have to do some assembly and try these babies. I can already say they feel really good and my hands and forearms are looking forward to relaxing a little and not cramping up all the time. Also got cord that it just perfect for my miniature Japanese drums (okedo and shime) - very happy with my order!

Off to make coffee #2 and get to work ☺


Cicada Studio said...

Very pretty and a clever idea! Glad you broke your code of silence.

tatsuko said...

Thanks, have to learn to release my ideas... :)