Wednesday, March 19, 2008

So I'm "IT" ...

I've been tagged by fellow Canadian Etsy seller, piggy-tails, who makes the cheeriest cards ever - love her stuff! Here's her shop and her blog

So I'm supposed to share 7 weird or random facts about myself; just so you know, it was hard to just choose 7.

1 - I don’t know how to drive and don’t have a license. Yes, it’s possible to live this way in Montreal, since our public transportation system is great.

2 - I am missing an enzyme in my blood that helps to digest alcohol, which apparently many Asians are also lacking; this means I turn a crazy shade of red if I drink and I get short of breath. Although this didn’t stop me from drinking when I was in college and university, I just don’t bother drinking anymore.

3 - When I was little I had a short-lived collection of cooked fish eyeballs. You probably don’t know this, but once a fish is cooked, the eye’s centre is a hard little transluscent ball. Don’t ask me why I even started this, but I would pluck out the eyes, and scrape off the white outer coating to get to the sort of transluscent white centre, which I thought would make a nice necklace. When I was 8. And NO, there’s nothing like that in my Etsy shop.

4 - I snore. Not so weird, but annoying for my poor husband. My friend who would sleep over in high school, would take out a pile of my socks before we went to sleep , so that she could ball them up and throw them at me during the night in a futile attempt to silence the beast.

5 - I cried both times I saw Paul Simon live in concert and the one time I saw James Taylor. Not just tearing up, I mean “whaaaaa” snively, sobby, ugly crying. I just got tickets yesterday to see James Taylor this summer and I’m gearing up for another cry.

6 - I’m a bag hoarder – plastic, paper whatever, to be reused. Not so odd, but even in the spirit of recycling, there are some bags that I’ve deemed “too nice” to re-use, so I have BAGS of bags that I save and never use...

7 - I have a pretty bad caterpillar phobia – our trees would get infested with these awful webby nests, light brown but dark at the bottom since they were heavy with disgusting clumps of tent caterpillars. I will still wear a hat all summer long if it’s a bad caterpillar year, and I will NOT sit under a tree if there’s any risk of one falling on me (shade, schmade!) . I will squint if I see one at a distance so I don’t have to see it clearly. When I was in my early twenties, a caterpillar fell onto my shoulder in the Dairy Queen parking lot, I sprang up, screaming “Get it off, get if off!” but of course I couldn’t stop running like a maniac for my friend to remove it. And I dropped my ice-cream cone. The thing with tent caterpillars is you know there’s never just one – they’re part of a huge collective, like the Borg or something. (I wanted to be brave and post a pic here, but had to squint after googling it for fear of having to see a photo; just google "tent caterpillar", if you must see them.)

This was taken in around 1975, I think. I was around this age when I was doing the fish eyeball thing and the caterpillar phobia started...

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High Desert Diva said...

I don't know what made me laugh more, the fish/eyeball collection or comparing tent catapillars to the Borg....(Resistance is futile)

Thanks for the giggle!

Tatyana said...

"I’m a bag hoarder – plastic, paper whatever, to be reused. Not so odd, but even in the spirit of recycling, there are some bags that I’ve deemed “too nice” to re-use, so I have BAGS of bags that I save and never use..."

Haha, I do that too. And I also have a collection of plastic bags that are too nice (or pretty but awkwardly shaped) to resuse.

And of course lately I've started collecting clear plastic baggies - y'know the ones you bag vegetables in - for poop bags for walking the dogs. They're not biogedradeable but at least they're reused.

Kerry said...

I think fish eyes would make a lovely piece of jewelry!
James Taylor is great, enjoy your tears!

Cicada Studio said...

How adorable are you??! Thanks for sharing! Delightful!

tatsuko said...

Thanks everyone! I had fun writing this post, but as I said I had a hard time just choosing 7 weird things about myself since I'm a bit of a quirktser... ☺

Lorelei said...

This was fun to read! I love finding out odd things about people! Love your blog! I'll be back!