Monday, March 10, 2008

More snow... and a smidge of ice

I know you've probably heard enough about the weather this week-end, but then maybe not, if you're in a part of the world that has little or no snow. Here was the situation on Saturday afternoon, when I got home from taiko practice. Just heavy snow and a bit of wind.

We've been dumped on many times this winter. Here in Montreal, it's been cycle after cycle of mild weather (just below freezing) bringing lots of snow, then a very cold snap of a few days, then unseasonably warm weather that melts all the snow really fast - lots of sludgy, messy slush.
This was a bit later in the afternoon; kind of hard to see, but the winds were picking up and the snow was turning a little icy...

With the howling wind and the sound of ice pellets, we kept peeking outside marvelling that there was no one out there... except for this brave soul trying to get home at a trot...

I think we must have gotten around a foot and a half of snow and ice, but with the crazy wind, it really piled up. This was our back door on Saturday night, snow piled right up to nose level. I'm only 5'2" though, so maybe this is chest level for most of you.

Sunday morning, a clear lovely day. Doesn't look so bad, quite pretty wouldn't you say? This is the view from my studio/workshop - we didn't even step foot outside the door!

And here's Chibi waiting for her breakfast on her ledge attached to the back door. We couldn't see a thing out that window!

Needless to say, everything is moving a little slowly on the roads today, Monday.

I had a good week-end in sales, with my special "Spring Forward" offer, so I've got lots to take to the post office. I'll see how long it takes me to walk there today, since I don't think the sidewalks have been cleaned at all!

My new designs that I posted here on Friday, Pouncing Neko and the Sakura Swing earrings both sold, so I now have this one up in my shop.

Gotta make more of these and more sushi platters since I'm running low... Will have my coffee when I get back from the post office!


Caroline said...

Congratulations on the sales! Hope you're staying warm. :)

High Desert Diva said...

Gratifying when new designs sell right away!

You're brave to venture out to the post office in all that snow BEFORE coffee.

tatsuko said...

heehee, just got back from the p.o. and posted again after taking some pics. Going to have coffee NOW!

Thanks caroline and diva ☺