Monday, March 10, 2008

Back from the post office...

I had to write again since I just got back from the post office. New guy working there, so quick and efficient! I like quick and efficient.

I usually take the smaller side streets to walk to the post office since it's quieter and there's not all the traffic of the noisy avenue nearby. Of course, none of the small streets had been cleared, so it was easier to walk on the road. Lots of people left their cars at home and opted for public transportation ,which is a very good system here in Montreal. Easy to get everywhere.

Walking back home I took the larger street, which is usually a four-lane traffic laden avenue. It was down to two lanes and traffic was crawling. The sidewalks were still piled with mounds of snow but it least it was packed down from so many people walking on it. I felt a bit like a mountain goat, stepping on the narrow winding path on the little hills of snow.

The poor car below is about to be towed since the streets are going to be plowed and the owner didn't bother to move it... There are warning trucks that drive around with this annoying high pitched automated horn reminding people to move their vehicles, but someone always forgets.

It really is pretty out there though.

The bunny necklace I just showed you here before leaving is now sold, yay! It will be travelling all the way to Australia ☺ Oh yeah, and it's the last day of my Buy One Get One at 50% off in my Etsy shop!

Coffee's ready. I'm ready for my coffee.


ThePeachTree said...

oh my goodness!! And here we didn't get any accumulation of snow!!

PolkaDotsAndPaisley said...

Amazing! We are in south Georgia and never see any snow. I can't say that I would want that much snow but it would be nice to make the occasional snow angel or snowman.

tatsuko said...

We've got snow coming out the wazoo! Close to breaking a record total snowfall this year (most was in 1971) in Montreal!

Thanks for your comments

letitiah said...

wow, you are a courier du bois!

tatsuko said...

heehee, oui, je le suis :)