Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Baby bracelet... wedding drums...

I'll start with my weather snippet. Woke up to the clatter of ice pellets hitting the window. And usually with freezing rain like this, it's pretty mild temperature wise. Not today. I opened the balcony door to take a photo of the ice on the snow, but shut it right away since it's so windy and all the ice was blowing in. Freezing out there! What is with this weather!?

I had a really good week-end in online sales, yay! I'm having a sale in my shop this week-end, so I'm prepping, hoping for more good sales!

More custom orders:
Last week, I had the neatest assignment to work on. I was asked to make a bracelet incorporating beads that had been used on a hospital baby bracelet; Franca was born in a smaller city just north of Montreal and apparently at the hospital, newborns all wore these on their wrists instead of the standard plastic nametag. I cannot see today's overworked nurses stringing beaded bracelets for all the babies in their ward. The funny thing is they totally misspelled the family name (not too many Italian families in smaller-town Quebec 50 years ago), and the letters aren't anywhere in the right order on the original bracelet! Isn't this a great keepsake?

She's kept the bracelet for over 50 years, and always wanted to use the beads in another piece she could wear. She was great to work with - it's always nice when a client knows exactly what they want and don't want :) I am so touched that she entrusted me with the honours and I am thrilled to say that she was happy with the finished result.

The result is a simple design that works well in not overwhelming the precious original beads. Franca's sister also dug her baby bracelet out and she would now like a new bracelet too ☺

My friend Yukari, who is a potter (you can see her work here), came over to select all the beads and the pendant for her new choker - she's the only one who I keep the memory wire necklaces in stock for since she has a small neck and likes the close fit of the chokers. We came up with this bright summery look.

Again with the "taiko" ?
Thanks to everyone who commented on my last post, regarding my taiko mishap. It's hard to describe the place taiko has in our lives; I guess "big" would be the best word.

We even played at our wedding; to my mom's horror one of my taiko friends made a sling around my neck with the train of my dress hiked up with a piece chunk of material that I think he tore off a tablecloth; you can kind of see it well in the second shot below.

It was great though, because then I could hop around all I wanted. My mom wasn't so horrified really, as you can see her playing with us later. That's JF's mom on the left.

You know where I'm off to - coffee and work!


mdk jewelry designs said...

what a sweet baby bracelet.

you did a great job with the finished product.

how sweet.

have a great day.

High Desert Diva said...

I love that you played the drums at your wedding! And the tablecloth/dress/tie-up...ha!

tatsuko said...

Ha ha, I was looking pretty haggard by the end of the night!