Thursday, March 6, 2008

New designs, finally - and a childhood favourite!

I'll let the pictures do the talking on this sunny day :)

Finally posted some of my new designs - sort of hoarding them, but mostly just worried how they would be received... Polymer clay and chiyogami pendant with sterling silver bail on Greek leather necklace. I think I'm pretty satisfied. I think.

Here's another with my little bunny and a garnet in the bail .

... and my new earrings - polymer clay and sterling silver oblong hoops.

Can you tell I'm primed for Spring? (^_^)

A treat from my childhood
Is there something you remember eating when you were a kid that was a thrill? Well, this was one of those things for me.

Kraft Pizza in a box! 34 seconds to go...

The box used to be green and the pizza on it wasn't so detailed and yummy looking, but the contents were the same. The smell of that tangy tomato sauce and those spices; the cheese that you have to be careful to sprinkle just right so that there's enough to cover it all; and the smell and feel of that dough -ooh, I love it. Amazing how powerful the sense of smell is in conjuring up memories so vividly. Here's JF and Ebi waiting for it to be ready - cook faster, man!

That skinny little pizza which we would always make on a rectangular cookie sheet, would be cut into six pieces since we were six kids - five-year old me got the same size piece as my brothers who were older teens. They finished theirs in a couple of bites while mine was a meal. Here's our family at my Auntie Betty's in 1972. I'm the smallest one who looks like a boy in a dress.

Yay, pizza's ready!!! and it was yummy! Maybe not as good as I remembered, but yummy nonetheless.

There's one piece left in the fridge which I am going to eat now with my coffee.


High Desert Diva said...

I like the new designs...good combo

M.KATE said...

Hi Tatsuko, I am so glad I found your blog via High Desert Diva, really love all things japanese, have a wonderful weekend :)

elprincipito said...

The Truth is Out There

Tanya Pshenychny said...

I love your new items. Especially the design detail.

tatsuko said...

Thanks everyone! I'm still working on details on those designs, but I finally had to "release" them ☺

Hisako said...

LOVE your new designs, Sandra!

tatsuko said...

Thanks, H!