Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Powell Street Festival July 31 - August 1!

It's that time of year again, yaaay!

I'll be in Vancouver's newly renovated Oppenheimer Park, for the 34th annual Powell Street Festival. Come on down for lots of great Japanese food and a schedule packed with amazing entertainment! Lots of music, dancing and taiko (Japanese drumming), both traditional and contemporary. Complete schedule of both days can be found by clicking here.

I'll be in great company as usual, among the many wonderful artisans selling accessories, glass, pottery, soap and lots more. For the list of sellers and a complete programme of the festival week-end, click here.


Finally, photos of some pieces I've been working on! I'll have some of these at Powell Street in Vancouver, as well as at Montreal's Matsuri Japon on August 14th in the Old Port. Other new stuff as well, including these long 'n skinny pendants and earrings, plus a different sushi platter that I'll keep as a surprise... (^_^)


Anonymous said...

Hi Sand.
Love the long and skinny look of the pendants! The chain necklaces are very good indeed - I will buy one of those from you after you done with your sales.

Anonymous said...

Hi Sandra,

I was happy to see you and Jean-Francois at the Powell Street Festival and am sorry not to have gotten back to speak with you before leaving yesterday. I thought I would return to the festival today but was unable to make it do to family matters. Hope you can be in touch through,

stephanie said...

i love the new pieces! hope you had a great show :)