Friday, July 2, 2010

Happy Birthday Ebi! (aka Friday Cat Blogging)

Yesterday was Ebi's 11th birthday, woo hoo! He's been having some kidney problems lately which is common in older cats, but he's on a special diet now and taking some meds so he's doing pretty well. We can tell he's still the same ol' boy because he still charges around after Chibi, and she still takes it from him.

Here is Ebi the ninja on my craft show table cloth that is ready to go into the washing machine. Nothing quite as comfy as laundry on the floor to lie on.

Averting his gaze in this shot below, the ninja truly passes unnoticed...

Remember that Ebi was a birthday gift for my mom; you can read about that here. It's been four years now that my mom passed away - still can't believe it some days. Time goes by so quickly and yet everything about her hospitalisation is crystal clear in my mind, still makes me wince.

He was a few months old in this shot but boy, did she love this cat, her little king!
Well, he's OUR gift now, my little stinker and JF's best buddy - and Chibi's arch nemesis. Happy Birthday Ebi!

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