Saturday, January 19, 2008

Not just any show...

I've got a few minor open wounds and bruises to tend to today.

I'm a taiko player with Montreal's Arashi Daiko, and we perform throughout the year at various festivals in and around the city, community events, private parties like weddings, corporate events and charities. We are used to rehearsing - rearranging pieces for the number of players available for any given performance, and with the years you get more accustomed and comfortable with performing and being "on" for the audience. Our latest gig is making us a little more nervous however. We have been hired to play for the Cirque du Soleil, at their headquarters here in Montreal.

Yes, FOR the Cirque!

A new show will soon be heading to Japan and so the Cirque wanted to send the cast and crew off with a bit of bang and a little taste of Japan. That's where our services come in. There are only three of us who were available for this gig since it's at the lunch hour this coming Thursday and everyone else will be working at that time (the 3 of us are self-employed, with flexi-schedules). We practiced last night and this morning for this performance, and still have a bit of work to do. We'll be practicing a little tomorrow morning too, and then on Wednesday. Parts of my hands are a little raw. The scary part is having to perform in front of these amazing performers. I know we'll be fine, but eeeee, just thinking of it makes me slightly clammy...

I will definitely let you know how it goes.

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Anonymous said...

Holy schmoly!
Sand, you get to do the most exciting things!!! Have an amazing time at the performance!
(I can barely keep up with this flurry of entries!)