Wednesday, January 30, 2008

I stunk...

Last year at this time I was in Edmonton, Alberta visiting my sister and her family. I discovered this wonderful soap made by a small, but ever-growing company in Alberta, called Rocky Mountain Soap The original store is in a small town near Banff and Lake Louise, called Canmore. This is a shot of the "Three Sisters" mountain peaks, taken from the car as we left Canmore.

You can also find the store in Vancouver, Victoria, and Winnipeg. You can imagine how heavy my bag was when I returned from Edmonton last year - and how great it smelled when I opened it! This is my favourite soap of theirs, Mountain Dew, which is a mix of spearmint and kelp - very fresh and yummy.

My husband and I have been using hand-made soaps, i.e. soaps with no preservatives or chemically stuff for a couple of years now and like trying different ones. We like supporting local craftspeople, so we always buy some at the craft shows I do.

Luckily as well, we found some super soap makers on Etsy!!!

I’ve tried a few, but here is by far my favourite (bar none - haha!) because of her wonderful service and make-us-smile soap. Great lather and texture, wonderful scents, generous bars. My husband enjoys them as much as I do and he’s fussier than I am about the scents (doesn’t like smelling too flowery or sweet). Our fave soap maker on Etsy: Currently in active use in our shower, this gorgeous bar:

Because I mentioned that I was in the lovely province of Alberta last year at this time, here is me on frozen Lake Louise. That's the hotel at the other end - sorry, it was a misty day, so the hotel and Rockies are a little veiled.


Mama Mayborne... said...

What great photos of the mountain. Last summer I went to Greece and came back with a bag of olive oil soap. It smelled so good when I opened my suitcase and the scent still reminds me of the olive groves! Glad to see that I'm not the only vacation soap shopper!

Cozy said...

I have used the Rocky Mountain products too. We stayed at a B and B in Canmore a few years ago and they had them in the bathrooms there. I absolutely loved their products. They have a solid body butter that is wonderful for severly dry skin as well as soap. We discovered the store wandering around town. We also saw Lake Louise but looking very different since it was July.We spent time in the Calgary area on that trip as well and got to go to the Stampede. The drive from Utah to Calgary through Montana exposed me to some of the most beautiful places on earth.

tatsuko said...

mama m., we're always on the lookout for great soap wherever we go - Greece must've had some lovely ones!

cozy, we've used their body butters and hand butter too! Goooood stuff! That is a beautiful part of the world, isn't it?