Monday, January 28, 2008

Giving your all...

I have to start by saying that I have never been a fan of Céline Dion. At all. I know she is a talented singer and performer, but her music is just not my cup of tea.

We just watched the documentary on her new dvd and I cried through much of it. If anyone questions her presence and power as a live performer, as a professional, as a leader, as a comedian, as a motivator, as a genuine human being, this is something to see.

I know there are many Céline lovers out there who must cry when they see her, and I guess this is normal since I know I cried when I saw James Taylor, Sarah MacLachlan, and both times I saw Paul Simon in concert. I love their music, their songs, their words, so being emotional seeing them makes sense. But I cry when I see Céline perform. I cried upon seeing several parts of this video, I cried the times I saw her on Oprah, I cried when I saw her being interviewed.

I think it's because she gives her all and you can really feel it. And she's honest about everything. She's hardworking, expressive and funny, and so generous and you can feel it. I guess that's why people all over the world love her so much, there is just something very special about her. So that even if her music on its own doesn't touch you , everything else about her does so that eventually the music isn't so bad either!

There are a lot of talented people out there, but it's not just anyone who can accomplish the monumental feats that she has. It's what you do with your talent that sets you apart, and it's realizing that your true value is not just in what you do, but who you are as a heart & soul person. I think Céline Dion recognizes her talent as simply a wonderful gift to share with and inspire others.

People who give their all make me cry. When we went to Japan this past October and Kodo's apprentices performed for us, JF and I cried. Sobbing, hard-to-catch-your-breath, pathetic crying (caught on film!). But it was because they were giving 250%, offering us their all and more, and there is nothing more moving than being offered such a treasure.

So I'm still not a fan of Céline Dion's music, but I really admire her work and family ethic, and her as a human being. It's inspiring that someone with a career on that scale can keep things balanced and in perspective. And still give her all after all these years being in a very tough business.

Surely I can do my best to give my all, whether it's in my creative work, or teaching, or playing taiko or in being the best partner to JF. That's the least I can do, right?

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