Tuesday, January 22, 2008

New banner

Did you notice my new banner?

I originally started blogging with the idea to talk about new creations, and to throw in the occasional bit about life and my other passions (taiko, cats, food etc.), but it's ended up being kind of half and half - on my creative work and on everyday life.

The old subheading for tatsuko: paper, polymer & ponderings was "jewellery, paper goods and enjoying the process," but since life often takes over and I just write what I want to write about, it's now been revised to "appreciating creative bursts and enjoying the process." A little more general.

Ok, so not a huge change, but it took me a few modifications before deciding on this one. And I added some photos of my work to the banner as well; three very significant pieces for me: my sushi jewellery, which first got me into making and selling jewellery; a photo pendant of my late mom (circa 1946) who still inspires me and keeps me going from the great beyond; and my "Happy Thoughts" greeting card - you can read more about that card here .

Since you can't see the pendant of my mom in the banner too well, here it is. She looks like a movie star.

So I'm pretty happy with the new look.

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Octavine Illustration said...

how beautiful. the pendant is lovely. as is your mother. what a wonderful idea.