Wednesday, May 2, 2007

My spring sale is done but my work never is

I said I'd be a good blogger and post regularly, but it's been a week since my last post... giving myself a little kick in the rear end to get back on the wagon!

Well, I guess I have a bit of an excuse. My "Sprint into Spring Sale" in my online store went really well - thanks to everyone who purchased during the sale (^_^) ! Mostly sales from my distribution list, but some new customers as well. I'm still always amazed when people like my stuff, and then like it enough to want to buy it. I should get over this.

I'll show you some of what I sold. These are things that I particularly like - I am thrilled they have gone to people who will truly enjoy them:

My "Spring Sakura" choker:

My "Eriko" choker:

A few sushi platters:

"Green Lantern" earrings:

This "Fluttering" choker went all the way to Japan!

What I call "Your Most Comfy Bracelet" went to a Montrealer who has six ferrets!

I had never met a ferret before and they were a riot! Lovely animals they are, so sleek and flexible. When I got home my little cat looked like a chunky clumsy creature with an excessively large head. Just for the record, she is not.

I was so happy with these pink rhodonite "Perfectly Lovely" earrings, I had to make myself a pair too (wearing them right now). Sold lots of cards too, but won't post them all here.

Of course my time was not totally monopolized by this sale, but when I am "into it" or on a creative roll, so to speak, I'm in my studio all the time. Aaaalllllll the time. Ask my husband. I guess other artisans, artists, crafters, people with a home-based business face this same problem - work time versus time spent with spouse and family.

My day is not consistently productive, so I will often work in the evenings as well, time that I used to spend with my husband. I know my day would be more balanced if I was able to keep a regular 9 to 6 workday, but it's next to impossible when you work from home. If I feel like cleaning in the morning I will do it, partly since that urge rarely hits me so I'd better go with it, and partly because I know I can work at night... And I love what I do! Sometimes I just want to make something - don't feel like going out, or watching a movie, just want to make some pendants or work with my beautiful paper or get my hands on my beads...

My husband is truly the best; he does not complain, is always constructive in his comments, often makes supper when he gets home from work (while I'm still working), and makes really good yogurt (he loooooves his yogurt maker). But I know I would be annoyed if he were bringing work home every night and ignoring me...

We're lucky that we play taiko (Japanese drums) in the same group, so that we get some time together!

More soon, I swear.


Sandra Eileen - Artisan Jewelry For Your Good Life said...

Wow, I need lessons from you on your sale. It does sound like you did well and those were some very neat items.

tatsuko said...

I was thrilled how well the sale went! Three quarters of the sales were from my own distribution list (although some were first time buyers), and a quarter new customers from Etsy. I hardly feel very experienced or anything but please convo me on etsy if you have any other questions :)

SallyZ said...

Great blog and very nice store. Your creations are so lovely and unique, maybe that's the reason you are so successful. I just opened my own etsy shop (TranquilityKnots) last month, and made some sales. I wish I can do as well as you one day. Keep up the good work. Love to read your blog.