Monday, May 7, 2007

Had a good week-end. (^_^)

The taiko group that my husband and I are members of, had two performances to do on Saturday (this photo of us was taken a couple years ago at Montreal's Botanical Gardens). We were loading the drums into the truck at 6:30 am, on the road by 7am and returned to Montreal for lunch at 1pm. We only had to meet for our next show at 7pm so I thought I'd have enough time to do some work at home. I had plans to list some new things on my website, take some photos, maybe even make something...


We took a nap, and I ended up just relaxing before heading out for our second performance at night. And that's ok, right?

Yesterday I did some errands in the morning and afternoon and went to a friend's house for a bbq dinner. Ate too much. But that's ok once in awhile, right?

It's a beautiful day here in Montreal, a warm 18 degrees right now (55 degrees farenheit or so). I mailed out some card orders this morning and have to get back to work on a custom order. And I listed these lovelies this morning:

This is the first of several posts this week. Yes, several, I did say several :)


Monica Huete said...

Lovely earrings (I'm an earring addict) ... come back later to see if you have posted more ...



tatsuko said...

Thank-you Monica! You can always check out my shop,, if you like :) Thanks again!