Tuesday, May 8, 2007

First pick from my list of favourites!

I've been wanting to feature some of my favourite items and artisans from Etsy, but of course, haven't gotten around to it until now...

This morning I had a peek among my list of favourites and checked to see what's new in their shops. I had to come here right away to post these little guys, because every single one makes me smile and actually slap my hand across my mouth to muffle a too-loud, delighted squeal.

These little creatures are by www.smallmuse.etsy.com, from Vancouver, B.C., Canada. I'll now introduce you to:




and Earl

Walter only sees the good in life. Eli is wondering what flavour jell-o to make for his supper dessert. Sally is dreaming of what's over the rainbow. And I just feel bad for Earl. Have a look at www.smallmuse.etsy.com for more needle-felted cuteness and other goodies!I feel better now that I've shared that. Gotta get to work now.


made in lowell said...

OMG, too freaking cute!!


tatsuko said...

Aren't they just ridiculously cute!??? I love them all :)