Tuesday, April 3, 2007

I don't FEEL any different...

I celebrated 40 years on this planet last week-end.

It started with my sister taking me out for Indian food on Friday night (delish!); Saturday night my husband, JF, took me out for sushi, and he then cooked up an amazing brunch for family and friends on Sunday. Here I am carefully cutting my luscious St-Honoré (hubby didn't make that). Notice I am also wearing my Kodo concert t-shirt. (*see previous post for info on Kodo)

People were asking me if I feel any different now that I'm forty. Am I supposed to? The only difference this year is that my mom was not with me, which was a little hard. I know she would have been very impressed with all the food JF made.

Maybe I do feel a bit different in that I'm a little more comfortable with my own creativity. Might sound strange, but I've always put down what I do, what I make - just seems normal to belittle myself. Don't we all do that to some extent?

I made these chokers for a custom order today. Pretty happy with how they turned out - see how comfortable I am! I've got to work on more for my craft show next week-end.

And I listed these earrings. I'm having a good time taking photos, finding different backgounds for my pieces.

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Gina said...

No reason to feel any different...just a number. I really like your shop! You have a nice variety. I'm from Vancouver...always nice to see Canadians on etsy!