Monday, April 16, 2007

Aftermath of a craft show

Ok, so maybe the word aftermath is a bit melodramatic.

But aaahhhhh... a day to relax a little. Slept in - well, I guess it was more like catching up for the sleep I missed this past week-end. It doesn't seem to matter how prepared I am leading up to a craft show, the night before I always find stuff that I forgot and I end up sleeping for an hour, if that. This time was good, I slept for an hour and a HALF.

I got the spot I asked for at the show, right in the entrance to the library. Good traffic, nice and bright. Oh yeah, and I also happened to be across from the biscotti makers who had samples for tasting - mmmmm, samples. My husband had to work this week-end so I was on my own for two whole days; not much chance to browse around which was good so I didn't spend much.

Sales were good on Saturday, and not so good on Sunday, so the week-end evened out to an "OK". Got lots of positive feedback which is always nice. People can be very generous.

I managed to take pictures of some of my stuff, but for some reason, not of my whole display. This is what my cards looked like:

I was psyched and prepared for Mother's Day card and gift shoppers, but there were not many of those (too early?). Many people were treating themselves to a little gift or two though, which is great, right?

I made some sets of chokers and earrings since I've requests for those; was thrilled when this Pink & Red Sakura set sold since I think it came together really well. I'll have to make another one like it!

Was a little surpised my Michi pendant set didn't sell - I was tempted to keep it when I made it last week. Maybe it's a sign...

I did sell quite a few chokers with these chiyogami pendants though (yay!). I love putting them together, picking the stones, blending colours, shapes and textures. And I got really good feedback on them and my bracelets, which also sold well. My new earrings did well too. I was pleasantly surprised.

These are some of the collages I've been making for a few years now that I also displayed this week-end.
This post will end abruptly, since I now realize I have to take some photos before the natural daylight is completely shot. The added white of the 20cm of snow makes for good bright light. Until next time...

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Sandra Eileen - Artisan Jewelry For Your Good Life said...

Well your displays looked very nice. Craft shows are sometimes unpredictible, which makes for some tense days. I'm glad it evened out for you somewht.

Would you be interesyed in trading blog links? I already added yours to mine. Check my blog out and let me know if it's not OK