Friday, May 2, 2008

You know it's Friday Cat Blogging...

I'm happy to say that Chibi has found her way back to my workspace windowsill.

Before Ebi's arrival last October, Chibi would sit with me at the window of my little workshop and when we were out, we'd always see her in the window when we would return. When Ebi first joined us, the two cats were constantly in territory claim mode. One of the major battles ended when Ebi the brute sprayed the windowsill and the perch I had made for Chibi. She wouldn't go near it again. I cleaned that whole area over and over, trying to lure Chibi back. Washed the towel that was on her perch, but I guess it still carried lingering Ebi fumes. She would promptly hop down every time I put her up on the windowsill.

A couple weeks ago when I washed the windows I also replaced the old perch with a new one, and got a fresh towel to cover it, and lo and behold! Looks like she's back to stay ☺

I have mentioned before that Ebi likes to think he's small and can fit anywhere, balancing on narrow ledges and squeezing into little boxes, or stretching out his wooly cat bed. Here he is on the back of the sofa for the first time, which is a futon and not very thick; he was kind of teetering on this edge the other day and was not amused when I was taking his photo. You can already see his bum starting to slide down a little.

Back to work, with Chibi by my side!


High Desert Diva said...

Glad Chibi's perch is acceptable again!

Gallery Juana said...

I always love a good cat story:)
Chibi looks happy to be in her old spot again. Ebi looks handsome even if he doesn't quite fit on that sofa edge.

Joanna said...

Glad you were able to sufficiently destinkify the prized window seat...I take it that Ebi has not continued to claim it as his own?

Big cats trying to fit into small spaces = funniest thing ever.

Jen said...

We've been trying to adopt a cat for so long! Our jobs take us out of town though so we can't.... So jealous! Enjoy your cats!