Friday, May 9, 2008

Friday cat blogging... out the door!

Gotta be real quick. Getting ready to leave for Ottawa (2 hour drive), and we have to drop off the baked goods for the cultural centre bazaar first. Here are the pies ready for delivery; I'm afraid they might be a bit sugar and cinnamon heavy, but hey, them's the breaks - I had great helpers (see last post)!

Got all my newly made cards packaged up this morning...

And it's Friday, so that means a little bit of cats... Here's JF when he came home from work yesterday, with his best friend, Ebi LeGros. Don't care what JF says about Ebi loving me too, he really LOOOOOOVES his JF ♥

... AND... I may be lured into that deep dark place they call Facebook. I've resisted for so long and now JF just set up his page last night and was showing me around... sigh. That means I will only get up from the computer to pee...

Off to Ottawa for tomorrow's craft show. Wish me luck!!! Have a great week-end everyone, and I will write upon my (triumphant!) return ☺


High Desert Diva said...

Hope it all went well!

I gave your second crane card to my friend Renee, Saturday. She loved it! She wanted to know all the details of where I got it, etc. Gave her all your info. She owns a great shop in Silverton called Stone Buddha (see link in left side bar)...hope she contacts you!

Hisako said...

Facebook is beckoning, Sandra. Join the daaaark siiiide! Mooooahahaha!!

Thanks so much for the well-placed suggestions for your stuff to Mark. Mothers Day ended with me being the newest joyful owner of Tatsuko pendant & earrings! :)