Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Another Mother's Day...

Mother's Day came and went, the second one without my mom, and I was really ok this time around. Sad, but not guilt-ridden, which is good. We stopped at the cemetary on the way back from Ottawa and saw one of the resident foxes there, looking particularly mangey and thin, digging for worms. Those are times when I wish I had a handy pork chop in my bag. My animal-lover mom would be thrilled to know there are foxes running around the cemetary ☺

I made a photo pendant for my mom's best friend last year, but could somehow not bring myself to make something with it. Seemed like too much of a 'finished product' maybe. I finally got around to completing it a couple months ago but even then, have still been holding onto it, like my usual hoarder of a self.

I sent it to her last week, kind of in time for Mother's Day, and she called me and said she was very happy with it. "I can wear your mom close to my heart." I did my best not to cry.


High Desert Diva said...

Wonderful necklace/gift...loved her response

Sarah McBride said...

what a great and thoughtful gift. I would have bawled my head off if someone had said that to me.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful necklace and such a touching response.

Tatyana said...

That necklace is lovely :)Very sweet.

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