Tuesday, May 13, 2008

The week-end

Back to work today, took yesterday off and we took JF's mom out for a Mother's Day Brunch. Had taiko practice last night since we need to work on material for our shows this week-end and next.

We went to Ottawa for the week-end, since I had a craft show on Saturday. That was the saddest turnout I had ever seen for a craft show with actual artisans - it was small, there were only 30 tables showing, but it was a nice variety of stuff, and lovely quality. Their Christmas show apparently does very well, but that's been running for quite a few years now, and this was the first time they decided to try a spring show. Not quite sure what happened. For the number of people who trickled in, I did pretty well, but remember, not a whole lot of people came by. Although it looks pretty realistic, JF is faking here (if I try to fake something like this, I burst out laughing) - no, he didn't actually doze off at the table, but he did go for a little snooze in the car.

Here's most of my jewellery display; still have to work on it, but I'm very happy with the little bulletin board covered in velvet that my pendants are on. Super easy, inexpensive and it has the look I'm looking for - pulled together but not too formal.
So the Ottawa sale was disappointing, but live and learn, right? I met some wonderful artists, learned a bit more about other shows in that area (Ottawa-Hull-Gatineau), and I did get to meet some other Etsy sellers: myjennywren, karinnorstrom, mieldesigns which is always fun!

We also got to see a super taiko show on Sunday, with Ottawa's Otowa Taiko and their guests from Sendai, Japan, Kamo Tsunamura Daiko. Always fun to see our friends from Otowa Taiko perform, and their guests were great! Lots of energy from everyone so we left the concert hall tingly and smiling.

The best part of the week-end was staying with friends, Marc-Yves and Jacinthe, although Jacinthe was actually out of town on business :( We had never met their children, Mathieu and Geneviève who are now almost 6 and 3 years old, and we had so much fun with them.

These kids are so expressive, both verbally and facially, they are a riot! I'm sure they take after their parents, who are funny, down-to-earth people, and ridiculously intelligent to boot.

That was my week-end! Back to work - I have to select some pieces to bring in for a jury panel tomorrow, for a November show. Jewellery sellers are only allotted a small amount of space for the jury's display, so I'll have to make the most of it!


Raion Taiko said...
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Raion Taiko said...

Hi, I've been enjoying your blog. I just finished a Miyake taiko workshop a couple weeks ago and came away with sore legs and bloody bachi. From your blog, it sounds like you could easily identify. Today I am searching for other taiko blogs. There are actually more than I expected out there. I will put up a link to your blog, perhaps we can get a sort of taiko blog ring going.