Friday, June 25, 2010


Hey everyone! I'll be here today, Friday June 25th, selling my jewellery and some cards (won't have everything with me - just ask if there's something in particular you're looking for), from noon to 9pm:
Impact Galerie, 209 St-Paul West, in Old Montreal just west of St.François-Xavier (street the Centaur Theatre is on), metro Place-d’Armes

There will be other talented artisans there too including fellow Etsians, Jackie of Petal Pop and Norma of CaraCarmina - definitely making it worth your while! The weather is going to be great (ie NO RAIN), perfect for dinner or just a coffee/beer down in the Old Port. Looking forward to seeing you later today.

And... drumroll please (perhaps a little dramatic)... the return of Friday Cat Blogging, with a quick and cozy photo. Jean-François now has an I-pad. Ebi doesn't mind if he uses it as long as there's room for him too.

Bonne fin de semaine tout le monde, et Bonne Fête St-Jean un jour en retard (^_^)
Have a good week-end everyone, and Happy St-Jean-Baptiste a day late (^_^)

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stephanie said...

hope your show goes well...yay for cat blogging!!