Monday, August 24, 2009

Tadaima! I'm home!

I guess thinking about my blog doesn't really count as blogging, right?

All the photos I took during my trip to Vancouver and Los Angeles had me thinking, "This will go into my blog"... Oh well, I should know myself by now. Thank you for coming back for a peek!

My last entry saw me looking downright pathetic - haggard and a little green-skinned. That's what too much coffee and no sunlight will do to you. Be my witness. (clickable for full effect)I also realized how taiko (Japanese drumming) really does keep me in shape - not playing taiko for a couple weeks and my arms turn to mush. Actually my whole body turns to mush, or I should say more mushy. But I'll blog about that another time.

Anyway, I'm feeling a lot better now, after having a couple weeks to recover from the trip and the lead-up time to it. It was that lead-up time that killed me. Preparation, production and that other p-word that keeps following me through this life: procrastination. I wouldn't have been so exhausted if I had just paced myself. This comes back to me over and over in this business, but as usual, there's Sandra slamming her head against the wall once again, "DOH!"

While I was out west, my lovely friend, Rhiannon, was selling for me at home here in Montreal, down in the Old Port at Matsuri Japon, a one day Japanese festival. I cannot thank her enough for the amazing job she did. Thanks so much, Rhiannon! This is a photo taken by Jo-Ann, and I didn't even ask for permission to use it - hope it's ok, Jo-Ann, let me know!

I'll write again, with more pics and trip info. I'll be doing a thorough cleaning of my studio to get ready for fall and upcoming production for the holiday season. Eeep!

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