Monday, July 27, 2009

What time is it? What day is it? Did I fall asleep?

So now every MINUTE counts. Must prioritize. Must stop hitting myself over the head with the "Why didn't I get organized earlier?" Must sleep. Am aiming to be in bed by 2am, instead of 4am tonight.

I'm looking pretty haggard and pale, from lack of sleep and lack of being outdoors. I went out for the first time this morning in three days. Did I tell you I was a mole? Had to go to the bank, to get my floats for the three craft shows I'm doing. I asked the teller for some American $2 bills, and realized in my dozy haze that there are no American $2. The teller then asked me for additional ID. Good thing I at least brushed my teeth.

This is what an exhausted and slouchy crafty person looks like. Ebi is at at the window. So far, neither of the cats have shown even the remotest of interest in my work (I was hoping they could take over the business for me one day); even if there are all sorts of little pieces of potential play things on all my tables, they have never disrupted anything - touch wood. Such well-trained cats. Ha.

Did you notice my big mug of coffee above? My best friend.

I've been on a serious fruit kick this summer, namely nectarines and plums, which have been particularly tasty this year. I have yet to bite into a dry, grimey nectarine or plum - isn't that the worst? I don't mind if my fruit is unripe or hard, in fact that's how I prefer them, but a pasty piece of fruit is just bad. Anyway, JF came home with three varieties of plums on Saturday, and more nectarines. Enough to last me until I leave for Vancouver on Thursday morning. This is one that I had never tried, a pluot plum. So pretty, I had to take a pic. Kind of beige-khaki skin with a reddish undertone and then inside, bright coral red. Just gorgeous. A little bland and a bit too ripe, but good texture. My favourites are the dark purple ones (yellow flesh) when they are firm and just a little sour, mmmmm! Doesn't take much to make me happy.

Nothing quite as lovely as Quebec strawberries at their peak. Haven't had many this year since I've been focussed on the fruits with pits, but in my basket of berries a few weeks back I found this, a kitty berry! I took pictures of it, then forgot about it on one of my tables for a few days. Then it was pretty dried up, purple and not so cute anymore. I couldn't even eat it.

I must be tired. I re-read this post and thought it was funny. Ha ha.


Anonymous said... look a tad under-rested: just keep motoring along; it'll be over soon. I love your 'kitty strawberry shot'!

Joanna said...

America DOES have $2 bills! But they're a bit of a novelty item, not that common and it's always a delight to get one. Probably a Canadian bank would not stock them.

"I've been focussed on the fruits with pits"...that was funny! And I'm well-rested, so I'm qualified to say so.

Hisako said...

A kitty strawberry! Haha, and you were so tired that I could just see you cracking up trying to hold the camera still to get the shot. Almost there! Gambatte!