Friday, August 28, 2009

New stuff in my shop... and a Friday cat!

Been taking some new photos of stuff for my Etsy shop. I love this cast iron teapot that my sister Nancy gave to me many years ago. However, it is a bit of a drippy pourer, so using it as a prop or background for my jewellery seems to work. What do you think? Still working on the white balance as you can see - same pot, different tone in different pics. Good texture though, don't you think?

Night blossom earrings

Sushi platter necklace and maki earring combo

I'll be listing these Hawai'i earrings shortly...

Square sushi platter necklace

Morning blossoms earrings

And it IS Friday, so I have to blog a little about a cat...
Embarrassingly, I cannot remember this cat's name; I'll have to ask my friend Michio to remind me - she is the sweetest wee little thing and is 16 years old! Isn't she in great shape? Have I ever met a cat I didn't like? (* her name is Minette - how could I forget that?)

I'm really proud to say that I got the cat-loving (and animal-loving) gene from my lovely mom, who would have turned 83 years old today. We went to the cemetary which made me happy and I only cried a little. Happy Birthday Mom!


Joanna said...

Great idea, using the teapot for photos! I hate drippy teapots. It's so disappointing, especially when you see a really stylish one you'd like to have, but you just can't tell whether it will pour well or not. I haven't figured out how to do this just by looking. My husband got me one of those Alessi teapots for our anniversary once, and guess what? It doesn't pour so well. Very sad.

stephanie said...

your cat blog reminded me....i went to move my car from a visitor parking spot (due to the house getting painted) and there was cat curled up on the corner of the base of my windshield. just snoozing away. she wouldn't even move so i could move my car!