Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Oh man, is it really July 22nd???

Yikes, time has snuck on me again. Dang.

You'd think I would have learned by now - to be better prepared, to spread things out, to pace myself. But no, I now have terribly sore fingers, hands, forearms, shoulders and neck from working throughout my waking hours. Somewhere tho, it must be working for me, if I keep doing it (bit of Dr. Phil wisdom there).

Anyhoo, it is what it is, and I am what I am at this point. I am preparing for three big events where I usually do really well, so all I can do is keep my fingers moving and try to keep my eyes open. I've hired my niece to help me with some of the tedious stuff (who likes putting the charms on those crazy little cell phone lariats?), and of course I don't know where I'd be without my husband, the Dremel king (he's drilling all the holes in my little okedo drum skins).

Here's some stock that's been put together so far. I really couldn't take a picture of my whole workroom since it's very embarrassing. It's actually been good that my niece has been working with me since it forces me to keep one small table clear for her. One smaaaaall table. As you can see my paper cutter is also being used as a surface to put stuff on. You can click on it to see a little better.

My clay table, yes, my clay table. Sigh. You can click on it, although it's rather scary.

I have to thank you all for coming back to read me little blog. I'll write a couple more times before I leave for Vancouver on July 30th.

Hey, something to look forward to - I can sleep on the plane ...

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stephanie said...

best of luck on your shows! i end up doing exactly the same thing before shows...hopefully i'll be better this year :)