Thursday, September 11, 2008

This stuff on my head...

My hair makes me a little crazy. I've dyed it, bleached it, shaved it, even permed it when I was in high school. When I started cutting my own hair and that of friends' at the end of high school, I realized I could change my look just like that; for an impatient person like me who wants immediate gratification this is not always a good thing.

I've hacked off hair when I was sick of it only to lament the fact that I had no more ponytail. I've hastily cut bangs when my hair was at an in-between phase, only to realize I'd have to go through another in-between phase if I wanted to grow it out again. I had a crew cut at two separate times in my twenties, much to the dismay of my mother. I'll have to post a photo of that period some time.

Further aggravating this constant distress with my hair is my cheapness when it comes to what I consider luxuries. I have no problem spending money on concrete things (gifts, clothing, shoes, food ie groceries), but when it comes to things/services I don't consider true necessities like haircuts, massages, pricey restaurants and even osteopath visits, I'm a realy scrimper. I guess it's partially because we don't have the money to spare. My husband is forever telling me to go and get a haircut if I want one, especially since I've been to the hairdresser twice in the last 6 years, and once was for my wedding! I think he's secretly afraid to come home to me with a shaved head.

Anyway, this past week I had reached my limit with what's on my head - again. My hair is very thick and straight which makes it heavy and hot. This was yesterday morning - definitely fed up!

I was feeling ready to hack it off, but I just did that about a month ago in my bathroom; dang hair had grown back! Wanted something layered and light, nothing brushing the sides of my face or heating up the back of my neck.

Enter Mrs. Lee, Korean hairstylist extraordinaire. To make a long story short, here I am this morning after her work with her magic thinning shears.

I want some of those scissors - like a comb with razor blades on the teeth. Hmmm, probably better that I don't have one, I'd probably get carried away and just leave a few wisps hanging off my head.

My hair used to be a lot flatter, but as I've aged for some reason it's more puffy. With age, I am also totally uninterested in styling my hair - woke up after washing it last night, and just wet it a bit to flatten it (looked a bit like a muffin when I first got up) and rubbed a bit of that molding stuff in it. Easy. Here's the back, all thinned out and layered. My head is so much lighter!

So I'm already planning to go back and see her in a couple months so that I'll look presentable when all my craft shows start. My husband is thrilled. Going to let the bottom in back grow longer, but keep it all layered and airy. Did I mention Mrs. Lee is very reasonable, especially for a hair salon smack in the middle of downtown Montreal? I guess that's also why I'm not hesitating to go back again (^_^).

While downtown getting my hair cut, I also found these on sale. They look like Birkenstocks, but are actually Viking Fussforms which fit me perfectly (Birkenstocks size 36 is too small but the 37 is too long). This is my second pair of Vikings, so I know I'll be happy with them for a few years.
Yesterday was a good day!

Now... to work!


High Desert Diva said...

Your hair looks fantastic!

Today is self portrait Thursday in the Etsy should post this photo!

craftygurl said...

Nice! The haircut really suits you... You look so pretty... :)
Damn, I cut my hair since for ever because of a disaster that happen in a beauty salon [prom]. :( sad...

I only trust my mom but she lives so far away... When we go visit I let her cut my hair and do what every she thinks would look nice... love her being my hairdresser. I want her here but she hates FRENCH! So, that would never happen, or maybe when she retires if she wants to live w/ us... hee.. she may want my bro... heee... who knows... anyways...

I truly love your hair, I wish I could wear short hair, my face is too freaken round. when I cut it that short it looks like I'm the moon... heee...

Those sandals are like totally comfyness!

~ Craftygurl ~

jewelstreet said...

Oh, that is a great haircut. I'm so jealous. I'm like you except I haven't had my haircut professionally in like 10 years.

Awesome shoes! I want some.

tatsuko said...

thanks everyone! I'm happy with it! Very happy with my sandals too :)

Jenn Maruska said...

Your new haircut looks FABULOUS!

Yay!! : D

Christopher And Tia said...

awwwww, look at how great your hair looks!!!

pamela michelle said...

nice hair cut! very pretty :)

fly tie said...

you look really pretty. love that cute. and nice glasses, too.

my hair is thick and dense, and i've been contemplating shaving my head for over a year now. guess it'll be put off once more since we're coming up on the cool seasons, and i need it for insulation.

picciolo said...

I love your hair! I have a pair of those scissors, they are wonderful, but ye you do have to be careful not to go too far with them!

Hisako said...

Oh, I thought you cut your own hair as always when I saw you! Fantastic cut! You're giving me haircut envy! Love your sandals and the fact that you spoiled yourself that day! You deserve it!

Sarah McBride said...

your haircut is HOT! You look beautiful!!
I am a hairwrecker. I have done everything under the sun to my hair as well, but there is nothing better than a great haircut!!