Friday, September 5, 2008

Friday cat blogging... FEED ME!!!

We feed our cats, Chibi and Ebi, at 10am and 10pm. This way, they don't wake us up early in the morning, and they don't howl while we eat supper, although they do casually hang around in case something falls off the table.

From around 8:30 onward in the morning, while I'm taking care of emails, Etsy stuff and my blog, Chibi, the smaller tortoiseshell cat, jumps up on my computer desk to say "Good Morning, glad you're up, please touch me." She's happy to be carried and sritchy-scratched. Ebi, the larger black cat, loves to be carried too, and gallops away like a horse when he's had enough (he's big).

As it gets closer to feeding time, the two get restless and seem to antagonize each other - a bit of chasing, hissing, slapping at each other - further piquing their hunger.

By then Ebi is pining for kibble, howling what sounds like "Bernaaaard" or "Manooooooon" (if you could hear these names pronouced in the québécois French accent, you'd recognize that's what he's saying!), and Chibi is prancing about on my desk, stepping on the keyboard, shedding in my coffee cup.

I've got their bowls and Ebi has such a loud voice I often wonder if the neighbours can hear him (especially when he spontaneously breaks into howl at night). Here he's at my legs, just before he's about to get his bowl. Tried to get a shot of his mouth, which opens so wide when he's meowing (almost cartoonish), but could never capture the hilarity on camera.

"My bowl is obviously empty, but I will lick it to show you how famished I am, lady."

She's too fast for me...
Can't keep still in the pre-feeding frenzy...


These cats continue to crack me up! Best kitties in the world...


picciolo said...

what cute pictures!
: )

craftygurl said...


Just passing by n was googling n ur blog was on the first page... heee

I have to train my cats... they wake us up at 5am... well, more like they wake me up, bf sleeps through it!

thanks for sharing ur lovely kitties...

~ craftygurl ~

Jenn Maruska said...

That second to last kitty photo is mesmerizing!