Monday, September 8, 2008

Presenting... Artistri boutique atelier!

This past Friday I missed taiko (Japanese drumming) practice. I never miss taiko practice.

The occasion was special - the opening of a new shop, Artistri, in Montreal's Mile-End neighbourhood (home of the best bagels you'll ever taste). I met Artistri's owner, Jennifer Lonergan, at a holiday season craft show last November and she contacted me earlier this year to be a part of her new store. How exciting is that?!

The boutique is in a beautiful, bright space, at 5319 Ave. du Parc, and it looks fabulous! Not a great shot here with all the glare, but the banners and awning are really eye-catching. All the photos are clickable.
Surrounded by some amazing artists' work, here's some of my work in one of the jewellery display towers, and there are even a few pieces in the front window as well, yay!

Shoppers having a peek at some jewellery.

Pottery by my very talented friend, Carmen Abdallah.

Look at this gorgeous quilt by Sandra Jones!

There were lots of visitors, friends and shoppers who stopped by. Just before going to the shop opening on Friday afternoon, I went to Au papier japonais, where I buy some of my paper supplies and also give workshops; there, I met some travellers from England and Wales, who seemed to be looking for interesting spots and shops in the area, so I invited them to the opening and they actually did pop in! You just never know who you'll meet and what a little chat can do :)

Thanks for inadvertently teaching me that, Mom (^_^)


Debra said...

That looks like a great shop!! I hope you sell lots of jewerly!!

picciolo said...

wow how exciting, your jewellery looks great!
: )

craftygurl said...

wow, that's so near me... :) we had bagels for b-fast today, love fairmount... heee...
Wow, taiko! I thought it was the ps2 game [i have, hee]... dumb me.. heee... I've seen a taiko demo in JP. It was amazing... so much power! :) must be a really great exercise and enjoyable! :)

~ craftygurl ~

fly tie said...

wow...that quilt is pretty amazing. as is your jewelry. love the colorfulness of those pieces.

Joanna said...

Congratulations! Looks like a beautiful store-- your things are going to do really well there!