Thursday, May 7, 2009

My Vulcan roots...

When I was little, my Dad insisted we all have short hair - my sisters and brothers and I, so I often looked like a boy. Here's a perfect example.

My mom would cut our hair, so it was the classic "bowl-on-the-head" look for the girls (up to a certain age), the boys got crew cuts. Sometimes my mom would cut mine really short and trace around my ears with the scissors, for a very... attractive... look... like this.

(* this was the Christmas wreath I had just made in kindergarten and my brother was trying to take a picture of me with it, but I was wiggling around so much because I was too excited to show it to my parents - all that to explain why I'm blurry and the wreath is in focus)

Because of this "hairstyle", combined with the fact the tips of my ears are a little on the pointy side, my siblings would sometimes call me "Spock" - lovingly, of course. I would later shake off my nickname, by growing my hair just a little, and I thought I had entirely escaped my Vulcan past, when...

... Enter, and I now have an updated Spock look.

I don't think I've ever cackled so loudly as while seeing and doing these last night - my husband started us all off - his is the best - perfect proportions, except for the uncharacteric (of a Vulcan) smile. Mine just looks like I got a bit of a bad haircut.

These are just the jpeg versions, but it's actually pretty darn hilarious when you do it yourself, since you can make the head, eyes and mouth move. There are different characters to choose, but of course everyone wants to be Spock. And of course, we had to do the cats as well.

My Vulcan Chibi who looks like some kind of anime character...

my Vulcan Ebi, who looks a little cranky and sininster.

When you go to, Spending my time doing this kind of stuff is why there are not enough hours in a day.

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Hisako said...

You are hilarious! So this is how you spend your sleepless nights, huh? :)