Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Lampwork beads

I've recently become a little obsessed with lampwork beads (I guess "a little" and "obsessed" don't quite go together). I check out what's been newly listed every day on Etsy - yes, EVERY day - and imagine what I could make if I had the money to buy the beads. I bought some beads awhile ago, from a few sellers and just ogled the beads, laid them out, touched them, and well, that's about it. I think I was afraid to commit to making something and then that would be it, I couldn't just admire the beads anymore. Silly, I know.

Anway, here's what I finally made for myself, and I am quite thrilled with it. I love the colours and the way the beads feel. Focal bead by Amber Van Meter, additional lampwork by Jennifer Jennings and Keitha Osterhaus.

I'll have to take a lampworking class one day!


Cherry Tart Design said...

It turned out beautiful! I'm the same way with fabric! I get so excited when I buy it, then I just want to look at it. LOL.

XUE said...

I totally understand Sandra as I went through that same lampwork beads excitement! I still have way too much stock in my jewelry supplies which I am no longer using much of now, as you can tell from my latest interest. I have not make jewelry for quite awhile as I still have hundreds of necklaces & earrings. I tend to sew more nowadays.