Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Get with it, girl!

Having a little trouble settling back into "normal" life after the production of that big taiko show. I've only now gotten around to cleaning up my workshop (all my post-Christmas craft show debris!) and it's still in a rather frightful state. At least I can see the surface of my jewellery table now - part of it anyway.

I have dreams of having a huge workspace studio one day. Where, even if I'm splayed out all over the place, I still have enough surface to work on. My polymer clay work is pretty contained, but I need two tables for both my jewellery and paper creations. I have a small room though, so I just have to try and keep it a little neater. I think some more reorg is in order and I really do have to get rid of some stuff (remember I have the hoarding gene).

Just listed these yesterday:
Will be taking more photos in the coming days!


Hisako said...

Oooh, you beat me to getting back on the blogging track! :) You go girl! Nice to see you're back at work and getting those creative juices flowing!

Hey Harriet said...

Oh I have that hoarding gene also! Lovely pair of earrings :)