Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Back to life as we know it...

I'm back again. No schpiel, no promises from me, because you KNOW how that will go! I will, however, vow to do my best at being a good blogger, which is all anyone can do, right?

This is our post "working-full-time-on-our-taiko-group's-25th-anniversary-concert-we're-so-relieved-it-went-well" look (click for full impact of crazed expressions):

We all let loose on the week-end after the three concerts, and were treated by Arashi Daiko to a two-night stay in Qu├ębec's Eastern Townships, around 2 hours from Montreal. Clean country air, fresh snow, and the most amazing buffet you could imagine - we could not have asked for anything more! Ask any taiko player what their group's favourite activity is after playing taiko, and they will all say "EATING!" (duh!). Wonderful salads and great vegetarian selections, and fabulous desserts!
I generally don't eat meat, but on the first morning I ate not one, but two sausages (the other has already been downed in this pic). The second morning I ate two pieces of bacon. I was charged with a misdemeanor by the local vegetarian police.

It's been a couple weeks since the concerts, and now it's back to life as we know it, back to reality and working on new designs and making a living. I've got a craft show on May 9th in Ottawa that I'm looking forward to. More soon!

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sara said...

Hi Tatsuko,
Say hi to Michael and Alison for me.
We're doing Ladyfest too!
See you there.