Friday, October 17, 2008

The post office lady and Friday Cat Blogging

Every time I go to the post office, it's the same thing:

  • I present my parcels, packaged in cd boxes that I switched over to in April (they are flat and can ship for less than a third of the price of jewellery size boxes).
  • One employee in particular insists on taking out the little slot measurement device to make sure it fits through, which means the lower price applies.
  • Every time I say in a light-hearted manner, "It's still the same size." What I WANT to say is, "The boxes haven't grown since I was here last week, lady. I'm not trying to fool Canada Post into charging me $1.92 instead of $6.45 - I purposely changed my packaging to fit into the less expensive category! And anyone looking at the box can tell that it's less than 2cm thick" ... A few times now I've even mentioned to her, very politely, that I switched over to these flat boxes because I know about Canada Post's regulations regarding package size.
  • Her answer this morning: "Hmm, I just have the tendency to want to measure it. You never know!"
  • My eyes then roll back in their sockets (I have no control over this), I let out a big sigh and a ,"You see, they ARE still the same size, hahaha..." AND she always tosses my customs forms (which I take the time to fill out at home so she doesn't have to) receipts at me. What happened to customer service training, or even just basic civility?
  • I gotta learn to just go with it. She isn't going to change, but I can -therein lies the challenge (^_^)

Thanks for letting me vent.

It's Friday!

Cats are wonderful for so many reasons. They are great company and the perfect destresser - just looking at them makes me smile. I cannot pass by a cat on the street without smiling at it (I always smile at dogs too) and chatting a bit if it will listen. My two cats are the best, although they still don't get along too famously; way better than it was before though. This morning I immediately felt better when I got home from the post office and scritchy-scratched my kitties. Instant relaxation. My Chibi:

I've been buying lots of paper for cards, in preparation for the holiday season. Au papier japonais here in Montreal has a superb selection of some of my favourites and I like to buy the full size sheets and cut it myself. Of course when I get home and unroll it to cut it, Chibi comes charging over to slide around on it and lie on it.

Of course. But how can I not love her for that?


Tatyana said...

Post office employees tend to be so disgruntled, huh? I've met more cheerful employees at the DMV...
My cats tend to do that when I'm reading something. Y'know, like when I'm frantically reading a textbook the day before a test, they decide that the book is the most comfortable spot ever and keep coming back even though i toss them away. Cats are lovely things :)

picciolo said...

don't you just love the post office? And how cute that your cat loves nice paper too!
: )

High Desert Diva said...

The good news is you can come home to your cats, decompress and laugh.

Anonymous said...

Does she measure each one individually or will one suffice for the batch?

fly tie said...

people who work in "official" places can sometimes be persistent and annoying, but kudos for you for keeping your cool.

gotta love the cat running over the paper. too cute! :-D the way they see it, no territory is off limits.