Thursday, October 23, 2008

Gearing up for the busy season & treasures in the garbage!

I think the pressure of the holiday season has finally hit me. Sales have picked up a little online (yay!) and I've got five craft events/shows that I have to prepare inventory for, three that have been very good to me in the past, and a new one this year that I'm looking forward to.

The paper that Chibi was lying in last Friday's post is now mostly cut up into the sizes I need for some new cards. Gotta put it right back in the plastic bins or either Chibi or Ebi will sprawl out over it.

Went to the post office this morning - sent and order to a customer in France whose mother is Japanese and who was chose my jewellery because she was looking for earrings with some kind of "Japaneseness" about them. I'm always happy to meet other people of Japanese ancestry, but who are not Japanese (not born in Japan), since this is what/who I am too. Whaa, identity, that's a whole other thing to blog about! Post office lady still stuck my parcel in the measuring slot, but she might have actually listened to me this morning when I said my schpiel about the flatness of the boxes - I was in a better mood so it didn't bug me like it usually does.

I was probably in a good mood because I had spotted these in the garbage passing by the bank, on my way to the post office, and trotted back there once my parcels were mailed. These are old shelves that the bank used for various forms, but they are a perfect height for risers for my display. They'll lie flat, of course, and not on their sides as pictured here.

I have a huge roll of black velvet that I got at a bazaar last year - hey, everything looks better covered in black velvet! These will replace the flimsy boxes I've been using until now, that are always threatening to cave in. They were kind of awkward and heavy to lug home, but well worth it!

Yaaaaay, for freebies (^_^)


picciolo said...

what a great find, they sound like they will be very useful on your upcoming stalls. Glad the post office trip was better this week too
; )

High Desert Diva said...

You've been busy.

Great find with those boxes!

craftygurl said...

:) what wonderful treasures u found, sweet! aahh, that lady may have minor OCD. kitties always seem to love rolling around paper... My Mitsuru [boy name but suits my girl kitty, very well!] loves it, she goes nuts for the Saturday paper! :)

where ur craft shows/events? went to my 1st craft fair in a long, long time last w/end and will be going to one tomorrow and another on Nov/8-9th... :)

[too lazy to login, heee...]

XUE said...

how funny as I do the same thing too...& try to slip it into the house quietly!!! Our home is full!!!