Sunday, April 6, 2008

Could it be Spring?

Just a quick little post on a lovely Sunday, since I've tended to be a Monday to Friday blogger.This was the situation on Friday afternoon - we got a couple inches of wet, sloppy snow.
This photo was when it had just started.

... And this morning, Sunday, it's 6 degrees (Celsius), yay! So sunny and the birds outside are chirping like mad. We've yet to put in our window screens, and JF found Ebi in a prime spot soon after he had opened the window.

Chibi is a much smaller cat and I nearly had a heart attack when I saw her leaning half her body over the window ledge to get an extra sniff of those sparrows two floors below. Needless to say the window is now closed and our screens are going in today after we wash the windows!

Looks like it might be the start of spring. Maybe.

JF went out today so I have the entire afternoon to myself :) I'll finish up some chiyogami earrings from last week and get started on a new batch of pendants, since I have a craft show next Sunday. First things first, off to make my second coffee of the day!


picciolo said...

we had snow too! I would like spring to start now, I had just started to pack away winter clothes, oh well!
: )

letitiah said...

that photo from your kitchen is fantastic!

High Desert Diva said...

6 degrees c. and the window is open?

Your blog looks different! Kind of fun to move things around...

tatsuko said...

picciolo, I think the snow from now will be the melty kind :)

letitiah, i love that photo too! My husband took that :)

diva, 6 degrees Celsius is around 43 degrees Farenheit :)

Rosebud Collection said...

Wow, nice to see sunshine, isn't it?
We are finally getting some nice weather..I am so tired of snow and the cold weather..

Mrs.French said...

At least it comes and melts right away. The weather is crazy in Portland too. Two weeks ago we had snow, sun, rain and hail all in one day!

XUE said...

On this same day in Tokyo, we were the only ones having a picnic on our cycling/hanami outing! The days had been very windy & most of the blossoms were falling fast like pink snow. This is our 2nd year only in Tokyo.