Thursday, September 6, 2007

Woof, yeah, I said woof

I am a cat person, not a dog person. I mean, I like dogs, and pretty much all animals, but I think I have an afinity for cats. Maybe this is because we had numerous family cats when I was growing up and I'm just used to their way of being.

Visiting my brother on Vancouver Island was wonderful. Yoshi, their dog, is your quintessential happy hound. He is enthusiastic, energetic and has the perfect smile. Have a look for yourself.

He's really grown on me! I used to laugh at him because I thought he was so odd looking, terrible auntie! Yoshi is a pugapoo, a pug and poodle mix. Cute, yes, but odd too (call me a meanie). Curly poodle coat on a barrel chested pug physique. And because his face is not as squashed as a pug's, his face shape and facial expressions make him look a bit like a man. Ok, a little man in a tight dog suit.

This time he had just had a shave, so he was all fresh and spunky looking. We went for a walk and met up with this fluffy creature, who was just as cranky and stuck up as he looks in the picture. Poor Yoshi tried to sniff him out, and nearly got his nose snapped off (Fluffy's owner may have been just as uptight).

Found Yoshi's favourite thing in the park, the slide!

I had a nice visit with my other brother's guinea pigs too, but I didn't take any photos of them. Bad auntie! They have 5 guinea pigs that are very communicative and fun to watch. You can see them here, although they were much younger in this video.

Since I am a cat person, I will end on a feline note. This is my baby, my Chibi. We adopted her from the SPCA last summer after she was given up for adoption because she was pregnant. Her kittens were snatched up quickly, but we chose her since she was the most adorable (and very much in need of a home). She is truly the best :)


Nancy said...

So much fun to see the pic of Yoshi-looks like such a happy toddler.

Mom would have really, really enjoyed your last 2 entries.....

tatsuko said...

(^_^) don't make me cry, Nance!

Laura Bartlett said...

Hi, Yoshi looks like a sweetie, but I'm with you. I'm much more of a cat person. I'm always glad to see other people show off their rescued fur kids.

tatsuko said...

There's just something special about cats, isn't there? Great blog, btw. You are a true cat rescuer!

Laura Bartlett said...

Thanks. Cats just seem to know where I live and show up when they need me. My husband jokes that the word SUCKER is written in "cat" on the side of our house.