Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Too cute, my brain hurts...

So you know I am a cat person.

Well, last week we were at a friend's house, sitting in her backyard for a BBQ. A stray cat had adopted the neighbour's yard as a place to have her kittens, and they were starting to wander around. They wobbled into my friend's yard to come face to face with Pablo, my friend's boxer/lab mix; he is the friendliest, sweetest dog (he likes my cat - not reciprocal), but the wee kits were hissing and swatting at him. Not terribly threatening, but Pablo backed off anyway :)

Can you stand it???? I was supposed to be eating my corn on the cob, which was getting cold on the table, but who wouldn't want to sit with these guys instead? Oh, the mind-numbing cuteness.

Are your teeth aching yet? There were five kittens in total, but we only met the three bold ones who visited. They got used to Pable, but I think I whimpered throughout dinner while they were there.

No, we will not be bringing any of these leeeetle kittens home. Instead, we are opting for this large, seasoned creature below, Ebi (in case you're wondering, I cropped out my sister's face since I think she'd slug me if I included it).
When JF and I come back from Japan at the beginning of October, we will be doing a trial with Ebi, my mom's cat. When my mom passed away last year, my niece wanted to look after him, but after a little over a year now, that cat's lifestyle has taken a drastic change; my mom used to be home with him all the time (and would fret when she wasn't) and my sister and her family are always out. Poor Ebi is lonely and cranky. Not sure how he and my Chibi will take to each other, but we will do our best.

I tossed in the Japan trip very casually, didn't I? We are going to film part of a documentary on Japanese drumming - very exciting, very stressful... I'll write about that another time.

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Vieiragirl said...

Oh that is too cute. I am a dog person but my heart melts for kitties too.