Wednesday, March 21, 2007

First, some ponderings: This is me...

Now that I have a blog, there's pressure to keep it going, right?


I need the pressure to make regular entries...

I'll tell you a bit about myself since I believe I do what I do, and make what I make because of who I am. I grew up in east-end Montreal, the youngest of six children. Here I am with my sisters:

In kindergarten I discovered the joy that a little bit of gold spray paint could inpire... I made this noodle-covered wreath, squirming in my boots the entire walk home, itching to give it to my mom and hang it up. I can remember standing very still (although I must have still been wiggling a bit since my face is blurry but the wreath is in focus) on the arm chair when my brother took this shot. I was actually impersonating Mr. Spock, except my bangs were crooked.

Serious fast-forward now since I do have to get some work done today...

I will be 40 in a week and a half, my first birthday without my mom, who died last June. Sigh...

Apart from moments of sadness missing her, I believe I am a contented person.

I am doing what I love to do, creating things that people seem to enjoy.

I have the best husband, family, friends and a cat who support me.

I get to play taiko (Japanese drums) every week and love every moment of it.

I enjoy my volunteer work.

I can honestly say I feel more like "me" than ever before.

This is a good life to be living. Je ne peux vraiment pas me plaindre...

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High Desert Diva said...

Oh...the noodle decor! Love it!

My bangs were always crooked, too...cursed cowlick.