Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Still miss you, Mom

It's already been five years since my mom died. Kind of hard to believe. I still miss her, but more often than not, I'm smiling when I think of her... even when I'm missing her. She was a funny, generous and warm person, a wonderful mom and the best Bachan (grandmother).

Our hip & happenin' family in 1975

She loved her games and was deadly at our family favourite, RACK-O.

A "friendly" game of pool in 1972

Pedal-boating with Evan in Edmonton

A friend to all animals, here she is with Ringo of Coquitlam

At our 2002 wedding, Mom was in her glory with her collective pride and joy, all 11 of her grandchildren!

A much-loved activity - drinks and snacks with her big sister

I'll think about you when I pass through New Westminster, as I do every year on my trip to Vancouver. Love you always ♥

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